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I am a quadriplegic, confined to a motorised wheelchair for 31 years and have had a love of photography from my childhood and experimented with film cameras (the old days) to digital today. Drone photography has opened up a whole world of new perspective of avenues of photography. With the assistance of my wife Cyd my batteries are always charged. 

As all photographs were taken under the hobby CASA category all we ask is a simple PayPal donation for the cost of a coffee for my wife & I and we'll send you the full photograph without watermarks to you via email and you can download it & take it to get framed the way you like, at your local print/framing store, or get it block mounted @ Officeworks or any other oof your favorite camera store.

Block mounting is one of the economical and modern ways to display images, to create the atmosphere you desire.   Please come back as we have a growing selection of Drone Photographs & Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III Photographs available from Western Australia, from the southwest to the northwest.


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